5 Sweet and Spooky Fragrances for Halloween 2021

 A good scare is an ideal occasion to cuddle up with your loved someone. Don't forget to pick out a fresh scent for Halloween. These fall favorites will take your Hallowe'en plans to a new level, from intriguing and dark mixes that are sure to fascinate to sweet gourmands that will have them shouting "trick or treat."


 Scents that are both creepy and seductive 👻


The dark and enigmatic aromas of incense, native birch tar, and frankincense evoked by D.S. & Durga's manly scent. The opulence is likely to impress people around you.

This confident and sophisticated combination comes from Parfums De Marly. Herod begins with energizing top notes of pepper wood and cinnamon, then settles into smokey and rich accords of tobacco leaf, cedar, vetiver, and musk. The classic aroma notes will go well with any mischief you have planned.



If you want to conclude your night with a Halloween kiss, Valentino Uomo's romantic combination will help you pull it off. Delicious notes of chocolate, coffee beans, and hazelnut contrast with masculine fragrances of cedar and leather.



Poison Perfume by Christian Dior is beautiful and fruity, with a spicy cinnamon note. It gives a warm and intriguing blend to ensure you remain in their memories, from the dark-colored bottle to the deep and subtle sweetness of the berries.



Keep them guessing with Givenchy's alluring duality, Ange Ou Demon. Tonka, oakmoss, and rosewood intensify the heavenly, floral aroma notes of lily, orchid, and ylang ylang. The soothing scent is appropriate for any occasion.


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