Fragrance Tricks Every Woman Should Know

  • Do not store your scents in your bathroom or other wet areas. Store them in warm areas if you want them to last longer. 

Heat, light, and humidity will degrade the perfume and reduce the quality of the scent. Instead, keep them cool and dry, such as on your bedroom vanity, and away from windows. Use a nice cake stand to display them as a bonus tip.

  • After spraying, don't wipe the aroma off your wrists.

If you rub your wrists together, you'll push the top notes to fade faster than they should, reducing the duration of your fragrance.

  • If you're sampling perfumes and spritz yourself with something you don't like, wipe the aroma away with a makeup wipe.

Use a makeup wipe to get rid of the scent. These wipes are very effective in removing any kind of odors.

  • Wait until the fragrance has dried on your skin before smelling it to get a real sense of the perfume.

The first scent you smell as soon as a fragrance is sprayed is the top note, which disappears after a few minutes anyway.

  • Before going to bed, spray your pillow with calming scents to help you sleep better.

This will help you to have better sleep and wake up more relaxed.

  • Before applying your fragrance, use an unscented lotion.

Because scents last longer on oilier skin, if you have dry skin, apply a moisturizer first to help lock in your favorite aroma.

  • Before getting ready, spray your perfume after you've taken a shower.

The aroma will be locked in by the moisture on your skin. This will also help to keep the aroma from ruining your fine clothing or jewelry.
  • By layering perfumes, you can create your own unique scent.

To see if different oils and fragrances compliment each other, spray a few scent blotters with different oils and perfumes and smell them all at the same time. Once you've found a mixture that you like, put it to the test on your skin (your skin oils can alter the way a perfume smells). To avoid the first fragrance overpowering the second, spray the stronger aroma first and then top it with the softer fragrance.

  • Wait until the fragrance has dried on your skin before smelling it to get a real sense of the perfume.

The top note is the first scent you notice when a fragrance is sprayed, and it fades away after a few minutes.

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