How can you Ship Perfume in the Mail

Perfume is one of the top beauty products sold online, but shipping it can be a challenge because of its fragile containers and tricky ingredients. After looking at all of the rules and regulations put in place by most mailing services, shipping perfume can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, with some research and understanding of carrier guidelines, you can expect your perfume to reach its destination safely.

Below you will discover how to ship perfume, package it correctly, learn the different mailing service guidelines, and ultimately get it to its final destination safely.

Can You Ship Perfume in the Mail?

Although many individuals wouldn’t consider perfume a hazardous liquid, it falls into the “Dangerous Goods” category of most carriers. Most contain alcohol which can be extremely flammable under certain temperature and pressure changes during travel. This factor can make it more difficult for mailing services to deliver fragrances to their final destination safely. With this in mind, carriers include strict instructions on how to safely send these products across the country.

When shipping perfumes, there are several steps someone needs to take in order to get your fragile goods to their landing place in one piece.

  • First, look at the perfume ingredients to determine which type of transportation options are available.
  • Next, research the shipping regulations and labeling requirements of your desired destination. Many countries have rigid policies against accepting fragrance products from other countries.
  • Lastly, be sure to gather all of the items you need to package your items correctly to avoid breakage.

How To Ship Perfume USPS (Rules)

USPS is a great option for small lightweight items with a mix of affordable rates and delivery times. Along with the other carriers, they have their own set of rules for how to carefully transport your delicate items.

  • Any fragrance item containing alcohol can only ship domestically and cannot ship internationally because of USPS restrictions.
  • If there are more than 4 ounces of liquid, there are several steps to the packing process. The original container needs to be wrapped in padding, then put inside a leak-proof container, and finally put into a larger outer box.
  • Perfumes can only be shipped using ground transportation and cannot be shipped using air transportation.
  • How To Package Perfume For Safe Shipping

    Packing your perfume properly is a vital step in ensuring that your perfume remains safe during shipping. Most perfume products come in glass bottles because they don’t absorb the scent molecules like plastic does. This can lead them to easily shatter in transit making it of paramount importance that you package your products correctly.

    Below are some ways to ensure that your expensive cologne is delivered in one piece.

  • Package Properly

    • Bubble wrap
    • Duct tape
    • Cardboard box
    • Packing material (newspaper, styrofoam, etc.)
    • Sealed and leakproof container

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